Our Fabrics

The Technology of our Fabrics

SUPPLEX® Fabric:

All of our garments are made from a combination of Supplex and Lycra, which provide great softness and comfort, while also being incredibly flexible and hard-wearing. Supplex is a remarkable performance fabric developed by DuPont. Dupont sold the rights to the fabric to Brazil and started the birth of Brazilian Wear Fitness. Supplex is made with finer filaments than other manufactured fibers, which give the soft feel of cotton and all the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Unlike cotton, it won’t shrink, crease or lose color. It is so versatile, it is the ideal material for sports and beach wear and suitable for all activities such as cardio & resistance training, yoga, Zumba, Pilates.etc.

Emana® FIBER:

Emana is an intelligent tread bioactive crystals that combine science and technology to innovate and promote special care of your body. Invisible, Emana® fiber is a mighty ingredient, turning our clothes into powerful allies of beauty, body care and performance. A smart yarn takes science and technology into its DNA to take care of you. Its innovative formula promotes several benefits, such as: extreme comfort, well-being, cosmetic effects and improvement of sports performance.