Features and Benefits


The advanced fabrics and creative designs mean that our activewear fits the female body perfectly. The garments stretch up to 500% while still holding their shape. As a result, they provide additional support, lifting up the backside (very important in Brazil!!) and holding in the tummy. You will love the fit and how they make you look & feel.

great Fit


Cotton-like softness and extremely comfortable…you won’t know you’re wearing them.



When you’re putting your body and clothing through the paces, you want them both to have a full recovery. Our clothing will stand up to the task, resisting abrasions, punctures and tears & will keep its shape & color. As to your body, well, that’s up to you!!


We use some bright, vivid, beautiful colors in our clothing which need to stand the test of time. You can wear & wash them as many times as you like, the color will not fade. It will be as bright as the first wearing.


There’s nothing like working up a good sweat when you exercise (especially if you are doing hot yoga!!!) and you don’t want soggy clothes to impact your performance. Our clothing has excellent sweat-wicking properties, removing moisture from the skin and evaporating it quickly, keeping a feeling of dryness.


No need to tumble dry (unless you’re performing gymnastics/acrobatics!!) just let them air dry… (it dries so much faster than cotton)..and is better for the environment.