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BFIT BRASIL arrives in 2018 to bring you a new concept of activewear. Our vision is to be present in all gyms, cross-fit, yoga and pilates studios, and be recognized by the fashion concept, technology, quality, differentiation in service and style.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Flavia, I am a Brazilian, who moved to Santa Cruz, California in 1996 for a High School exchange student program. Later, I decided to get an associate's degree, a bachelor's...and all the education I could get to keep me close to this beautiful place that I call home. I fell in love with the Bay area because of its gorgeous beaches, all year long sunshine, healthy living people and the natural organic foods.

Californians breathe sports - surfing, cross-fit, running, hiking, pilates, yoga - you name it, we are all about being healthy and fit! But, is it possible to be fit in fashion? Yes!!! That is why I created Bfit Brasil, to give fitness people the highest quality fabrics with the most fashionable looks. Brazilians are very fashionable, trendy and sexy, as the country has long followed the trends in haute couture and Parisian fashion. My goal is to make you look stunning in comfort all day long...from exercising, grocery shopping, picking up your kids at school, to looking exuberant in your photo shoot. Now, we are adventuring at the Beautiful SIERRA MOUNTAINS. Can't wait to meet you and see you looking amazing in our garments at your Hike and at the Snow. Thanks California, for giving me the most amazing years of my life. Bfit Brasil is my thank you to you! WELCOME!!!

With Love,